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Who we are

Desynced is a guild that was founded by the core members of Tokidoki after it disbanded near the end of Tomb of Sargeras. Tokidoki is a name that still garners a lot of respect amongst the older players of Ravencrest.

And while we are not Tokidoki we try to continue in same spirit as it did. We are aiming to achieve great things in a stable and friendly environment with people who also have the desire to go far and do the best that they can.

At the same time, we treat the game like a game and therefore it should be fun to play, while making sure performance doesn't suffer. For that reason we generally have a relaxed atmosphere while never losing track of our goal: Cutting edge every tier.

Our Roster



Death Knight
Demon Hunter
We’re an adult guild, with most members being in their mid 20’s-30’s who take raiding seriously and are able to set time aside for doing what we enjoy, so we're looking for people who match our commitments. Our door is always open to anyone who thinks that they may fit in with what we're about, and what we aim to achieve.

We look forward to welcoming players to us who have personality and are ready to have a laugh at the same time as killing bosses.

Currently we are recruiting all classes listed on the left. Exceptional players who feel that they would be a good fit for our team will always be considered, so please feel free to get in touch if this sounds like it’s for you.